Mix Of Materials Tips For Remodeling kitchen

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Mix Of Materials Tips For Remodeling kitchen

This bedroom is another example of how the combination of materials can create a spectacular environment. In this case, concrete and wood alternate in a space full of contrasts, as well as being modern and full of personality, is very welcoming and intriguing.

A perfect couple dancing

One of the advantages that offers us the world of design is the ability to combine different materials and colors, allowing us to create spaces full of character. The mixture of styles is a resource that, if handled with taste and restraint https://www.solasbars.com, giving life to original rooms like this where wood and bricks they take each his time of leadership, bringing together in one space the warmth of rustic settings and the ‘contemporary aura of’ revisited industrial building.

The mirrors

Within d ‘furnishing projects frequently encountered the presence of mirrors. These elements rather than for their decorative character are used for a specific purpose the ‘introduction of a mirror coating as part of the wall of the chamber fact allows us to play with the spatial perception, generating a sense of greater amplitude, which is appreciate particularly if the room in question is of limited size.

decorated walls

It is not always necessary to use real materials to renovate the walls of the room. The decals are highly recommended for those looking for great results without too much effort. Or we can choose a decorative motif and paint directly on the walls of the room here is a perfect excuse to create an original and welcoming!


For the nostalgic, the wallpaper can be a great resource to use for lining the wall of the room. Let’s say for the nostalgic because, although a trend for quite some years is recovering force, had its heyday several decades ago. However, the options available today in the market have made this kind of increasingly sophisticated decoration by design lovers d ‘interiors.

Color, fearless

The last of our proposals to cover the walls of your bedroom could not be a ‘else painting. We tend to think that bright colors are banned in a space dedicated to rest, and instead it is a mistake to confine a priori clear tones that convey calm. A bedroom like this in a shade of red, the color of passion, it is a respectable choice we must not be afraid to introduce color into our room, because if we implement this decision with the ‘unique taste and effect of weighting is that we will have a room filled with energy and character.

Well, we can say that he saw a lot of solutions! But you should not be enough for you can find other ideas for lining the walls here 13 modern ideas for your walls – not only in wood.

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